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What is Better?

Better is an app that files health insurance claims. When your patients get their bill, they take a photo of it or email it to us. We do all the work of getting it reimbursed by their insurance.

Patients can file claims in seconds. We answer all of their questions and help them understand their coverage.

Nothing changes for your practice. You bill patients and they send us the bill. Better gets them reimbursed directly.

Now your patients have an option for getting money back.

How we can help

To make it easy to share Better with your patients, we can provide you with flyers.

We also understand how complex medical billing can be and that the requirements change all the time. We can help by providing simple bililng templates for your practice.

If you’re ever confused about anything, our support is available anytime.

Better is safe and secure.

Better always keeps health information encrypted.

Personal information is only used to process claims.
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