Our mission
is to make healthcare simple.

We know that dealing with the health insurance system is way too complicated and that people deserve to have someone on their side. Better makes it simple for anyone to get back the money their health insurance owes them. We come to work every day to help as many people as we can.

Because every minute you don’t have to spend on the phone with your health insurance company is a minute you can focus on what really matters.

Rachael Co-founder, CEO

Rachael is creating simple products for healthcare, using her tech experience and health background. She studied Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stanford University. She has conducted medical research at the National Institute of Health; as a medical volunteer in Niger, West Africa; and is an author on multiple academic publications. Rachael has spent her career in operations at startups developing technology products that improve lives.

John Co-founder, CTO

John studied Electrical Engineering at Stanford and has worked at NVIDIA, the VW ERL (Hi Junior!), VideoSurf (acquired by Microsoft). and Facebook. As a Software Engineer and Open Source Advocate at Facebook, John built Download Your Information with David Recordon, Paul Buchheit, Scott MacVicar, and Peter Ruibal. John is an active angel investor with a passion for sustainable business and empowering good through technology.

Press Assets

Our press kit is available for download. Inside, you can find our logo, product shots, and company information.